Principal's Desk

Dear Parents,

Education today is no longer confined to the four walls of the classroom. All-round efforts are being made to provide qualitative, value-based, activity-oriented education at Naasih Public School. Our striving for excellence in this direction has led us to believe that the interest and curiosity of a child has to always be kept alive. We provide a conducive and congenial atmosphere in the school so that the activities of teaching and learning are done successfully.

We thank and praise Allah, the Compassionate, and the Wise. We bear witness that there is no one worthy of worship except Allah, who has made the heavens and earth our classroom so that we may know Allah’s creation and serve Allah, with understanding. “Educate your children, they must live in a time different from yours” goes the saying of the Prophet Muhammad (SAW). Education must therefore anticipate the future, keeping in mind the present and learning from the past. Ignorance is not bliss. Through it runs the evils of today’s society, namely mass poverty and destitution, corruption, bribery, high disparity between rich and poor… innovations in religion, disunity and hatred.

The reason behind the past success of the Islamic Civilization and today’s failure and backwardness of the Muslim World is due to many reasons, to name but a few:

  • Absence of Islam from our lives
  • Spread of Ignorance
  • Lack of total absence of competent leaders.
  • Increasing disparity between the rich and the poor.
Most of the above can be blamed on the Muslim Educational System. The majority of the middle class Muslim population in Bangalore has to opt for:

1. Missionary school which are affordable but come with a standard educational curriculum but come with a package of values alien to the Islamic taste.
2. Government school with regional language as the medium of instruction which are epitomes of poor infrastructure and mediocre academic record.

This result is that the products of these schools and consequently of the Muslim majority with a few exceptions have an identity crisis and are unhappy and frustrated lot, unskilled and lacking in confidence, lagging behind and unqualified to face the world.

In any pluralistic society, a community’s survival not only depends on its ability to preserve its culture, religion, values and identity; but to a large extent on its capacity to contribute to the society as a whole. Naasih Public School is run by a group of concerned and dedicated Ulamas and intellectuals who believe in inculcating in children values and skills which will enable them to contribute positively to the Indian society. The school is quality oriented, holding on to the Islamic ethos and values.

At the preschool level the Montessori method is followed because of its proven success. This method focuses on the child as a person; it nurtures and inspires the human potential. In the primary school, the ICSC Curriculum (Indian Certificate of Secondary Education) Curriculum is followed. This curriculum provides a quality education programmed for young students in order that they can develop the skills that will be necessary later in their school career.

The School is managed by NAASIH EDUCATIONAL TRUST (a registered non-profitable educational trust) has shown remarkable progress. This progress has been due to the high quality academics it offers and the growing awareness about the school’s unique concept of providing international quality education with a Islamic world view. Quality as we all know is not always economical. However, in our Endeavour to make Muslims contributing members of society and part of the mainstream, we want to make our unique concept affordable to the all members of the community. Institutions like ours have to grow and expand but cannot afford to give concessions and scholarships at this infant stage.

Thus it is our sincere appeal to all the concerned and responsible citizens of the community to come forward and sponsor deserving children and education you would want for your own child!! May Allah reward you with abundance in this world and the hereafter.

Your Well Wisher,

(Maulana) Shabeer Ahmed Husaini Nadvi D.C.E

"People always attribute coincidence for most happenings but when it comes to NPS,
we believe everything is preordained by the Creator."