Digi-Class offers unique advantages and makes the classroom sessions more interactive and interesting. The solution is structured, easy-to-understand and syllabus-compliant. Difficult concepts in Science and Mathematics are simplified with diagrams and illustrations, making teaching easy and effective. Also, the audio-visual approach enables better comprehension and retention. This approach has been activated in Collaboration with Manipal K12 Education Programme which is renowned in education sector Nationwide. Great emphasis is laid on not only present but future orientation of a child who will walk into a digital world that demands computer savvy brains and we will see to it that our students are ahead of the competition.

The Digi-Class solution consists of:
  • Computer
  • Interactive White Board/Project Screens
  • UPS
  • Server
  • Projector
  • A huge repository of courseware and teaching material
  • Syllabus-specific Course Content
  • Resource Co-ordinator

Advantages of the DigiLab

  • It allows teachers to create customized lesson plans.
  • The learning objects are mapped to various Indian curricula
  • It is powered with a collaborative environment for assessment
  • Schools can track the effectiveness of the solution with a powerful reporting dashboard.

"People always attribute coincidence for most happenings but when it comes to NPS,
we believe everything is preordained by the Creator."