Naasih Public School seeks students with the potential to benefit from and to succeed in the school’s unique academic and enrichment programme. We look for families whose goals for their children are compatible with the School’s goals.

We would like to make a warm invitation to all prospective new parents to make a rendezvous to tour our school and to witness how we open opportunity for each child!

Admission Process

Naasih Public School offers equal opportunities to all. Admissions are open throughout the year subject to availability of seats and are processed through the school office. Admission to Naasih involves a selective process, based upon an entrance examination, transcripts and an interview. Candidates for admission to Montessori and Reception (Kindergarten) are considered on the basis of chronological age and readiness for entry to each level. Reception to Grade-10 requires appearing for an entrance test.

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"People always attribute coincidence for most happenings but when it comes to NPS,
we believe everything is preordained by the Creator."