About Us

Naasih Public School, aims to develop learners who are competent, confident and responsible young adults who will possess skills and attitudes to succeed in all walks of life and yet be morally sound and spiritually secure.

At Naasih Public School, we strongly postulate that we have established a school of excellence, focusing on child-centered education for all students. High expectations set the standard for each child to maximize his or her potential.

Currently we provide education from Montessori preschool to Grade 10. We upgrade classes every academic year. Naasih Montessori curriculum educates children in a natural, interactive, spontaneous and joyful environment. Naasih primary and lower secondary curricula follow the ICSC Curriculum (Indian Certificate of Secondary Education) Framework. The main subjects are English, Mathematics, Science and Social Sciences. Hindi and Arabic are taught as second language and Kannada as third language. Naasih Public School also provides Islamic and Quranic studies for the students. Computers are used as a tool in teaching at all levels. Classroom experiences are supplemented with a variety of field trips.

At Naasih Public School, we emphasize on information transformation and character education. Character education presents life with context, inviting students to listen, share, explore and reflect. Cultivating knowledge for purposeful living, students learn through literature, art, humanities and throughout the existing school curriculum the benefits and consequences of school behavior. They learn the power of choice. They learn to appreciate the qualities of being human and to share their appreciation at home, in school and in the community.

Our Vision

Clarity of Mind+Purity of Heart
To be a world-class educational institution staffed by qualified educators, instilling in each student a values-based worldview in an environment of academic excellence and respect for people of all cultures and religions who can significantly contribute to a progressive, peaceful and greener world.

"People always attribute coincidence for most happenings but when it comes to NPS,
we believe everything is preordained by the Creator."